Wooden stakes

Best used for:

Decking and Fencing

Available in these sizes:


5/4” Board in various thicknesses and lengths


1×4-6’,1×6-6’ for Pressure Treated

1×6-16’ Oak Fence Boards

Split Rail Fencing (2-hole and 3-hole)

Half-Round and Full-Round Posts

Decking and Fencing

If you are looking for the best decking and fencing lumber, we can supply you with premium and appearance-grade lumber that will not only make your fence or deck look great but will also last.

We stock oak fence boards as well as pressure-treated boards and posts that can fulfill any of your fencing and decking needs. We also supply other materials for fencing and decking such as split rail fencing, half-round and full-round posts, composite fencing/decking, Ipe, and kebony.

In addition to our stock premium and appearance-grade lumber, we can source any other grade you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

A simple fence commonly used for residential homes usually has two or three rows of horizontal rails that are held up by vertical posts and have precut holes. For a picture reference, refer back to the picture located next to the fencing details above.

No. We have split rail fencing stocked and ready to go. To get a quote with our most up-to-date pricing, click here.

Yes, we do. Feel free to visit our products page to see what else we can supply to you.

Lattice boards are a decorative fencing material that can be used in multiple ways to spruce up or elevate the look of an outdoor area. Typically with a criss-cross pattern, it allows you to divide an outdoor space in a visually appealing way without completely blocking out the other parts of the area.
Yes, we supply oak fencing in a variety of different sizes that are not put through the chemical treatment process that most fencing lumber goes through. This makes it a safe and sturdy option for fencing that can be chewed on by the animals it encloses. The fencing will likely rot faster though, requiring more frequent replacement.

Yes! Frisco Woodline has a multitude of certifications, including the FSC Certification. Learn more about our certifications.

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