What Construction Mat Should You Use For An Upcoming Project

What Construction Mat Should You Use For An Upcoming Project

January 5, 2023

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What is a construction mat? How is it used? Are there different kinds? Depending on your involvement within the construction industry, you may not know about construction mats and all of their uses. Below, we have listed all of the different types of mats and how they can help get projects done effectively, efficiently, and safely!

Timber Mats

Timber construction mats are used for a variety of purposes laid out below:

Temporary Road Access Mats

These are used to help workers and machinery cross difficult terrain. They are laid on top of the designated area deemed to be difficult terrain, which typically means the ground is wet, slippery, and generally unsafe. The mats make it more of a solid, reliable surface for workers and equipment to cross.

Bridge Mats

Bridge mats are used to create a temporary stream-crossing bridge for workers and machinery to navigate over hazardous terrain.

Crane Mats

Crane Mats are used when the terrain that a crane will be on is not in ideal conditions to have machinery lifting heavy loads on it. Crane mats are made of large, strong, heavy timber to provide stability for the cranes while they are moving heavy materials.

Laminated Mats 

These are usually thinner mats that have multiple perpendicular layers of 2x lumber bolted together. They are a cost-efficient way to create jobsite stability over a wide area, where the site conditions are wet and muddy. These sites should have limited concern for deep, wet areas and is ideal where there is a solid base below the mud.

Floating Timber Mats

Floating Timber Mats are often used in heavily wet job sites near water and have a variety of different uses. With projects requiring cranes, these help stabilize the cranes used on bridge, marina, and seawall projects, among others. Floating Mats are also used to stabilize cranes for excavation projects when they are dredging to harvest material, remove trash, or create larger passageways for boats. To create temporary roadways, floating mats can also be used if the roadway being made is adjacent to a body of water where a project is occurring. This makes it so that heavy construction equipment can be transported easier, while also protecting the ground and the surrounding environment.

Outrigger Mats 

These provide maximum support for large cranes on projects. Made up of Hardwood timbers, outrigger mats are sturdy and stable on soft/uneven soils and the cable loops make them easy to lift and move with machinery.

What Else Can We Do For You?

Here at Frisco Woodline, we supply all timber mats as well as laminated mats. We produce many mats in-house and have recently fabricated floating and outrigger mats for our customers.  If you have any questions or are looking for a quote, please don’t hesitate to contact us!