Fencing and Decking

Fencing and Decking

March 18, 2023

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Are you thinking about upgrading your outdoor space? If so, do you know what materials would be best for you, your project, and your wallet? If not, don’t worry! Below we have listed the most common types of materials used for fencing and decking as well as the pros and cons of each! Keep reading to learn more!

Common Decking Materials:

Pressure Treated Decking

This is the most common type of material used for decking. It is time-tested and cost-effective, meaning these types of deck boards hold up against rot and pests and are easiest on your wallet as well! There is some basic maintenance required every few years to ensure a nice-looking deck, but otherwise, this is a fairly easy decking solution.

Composite Decking

Over the years, the types and variety of composite decking options have increased. Composite decking lasts a very long time and requires minimal maintenance beyond the occasional pressure-washing. A simple pressure wash will make the decking look like new again. The downside to composite is that pricing is 2-3x higher than the pressure-treated wood mentioned above, although lately with the increasing prices of lumber due to COVID, the price differential between the two has been less. Currently, many types of composite have longer lead times than wood decking.

Exotic Woods

Exotic lumber is a great way to heighten the look of your deck and make it more customized to your personal aesthetic. IPE, for example, is a Brazillian Mahogany that is commonly used or incorporated into many high-end residential, retail, and hospitality projects. It has a beautiful color and is commonly known to be extremely dense, low maintenance, and naturally resistant to rot. The downside to choosing many exotic wood’s however, is that they are typically 4-5x the price of pressure-treated wood options.


This is a new offering that is unique to the DC and Baltimore markets. Kebony is a thermally modified pine product that has been impregnated with an environmentally friendly chemical to increase density. Kebony is a great alternative to and looks similar to exotic hardwoods. It tends to be slightly more expensive than those, but it comes with a 30-year warranty and is much easier to work with than those hardwoods. Unlike all the other options, it is an FSC Certified Product as well.


Common Fencing Materials:

Pressure Treated Fencing

Similar to pressure-treated decking, this is the most cost-effective wooden fence option that will last about 15 years or more. Pressure-treated fencing can be offered in different shapes and sizes. Some examples include split rail fencing and traditional fence boards for privacy panels. The only downside to having this type of fencing is that it requires more maintenance than other fencing options and eventually will need a partial or full replacement.

Oak Fencing

Oak fencing is typically used by farms due to the fact that this type of fencing is not treated with chemicals and is also stronger than other fencing materials. This is beneficial because it is safer to use when the fence contains animals that are prone to chewing on the fencing. They will, however, need to be replaced sooner than most other types of fencing because they will rot over time and need to be replaced every 5-10 years. Even with oak fence boards, most people use pressure-treated posts.

Cedar Fencing

Cedar is a great alternative to pressure-treated wood. It is known for its color, scent, and natural rot-resistant properties. When compared to pressure-treated fencing, however, cedar is more expensive. It is lighter in weight than pressure-treated, so it is a great option, especially for gates. Over time, cedar fencing will rot faster than pressure-treated.


Whatever you decide to build your fence or deck with this season, we’ve got you covered! Here at Frisco Woodline, we can supply all of the materials listed above and more! We are able to source almost any other type of specialty fencing or decking product and would be happy to help source it for you! It doesn’t end there, we also offer special pricing for employees of our contractor customers!

To learn more about what we can do for you, give us a call at 301-249-5100 or send us an email at info@friscowoodline.com and one of our knowledgeable sales associates will be in contact with you.