Company Expansion

Company Expansion

June 5, 2023

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As many of you are aware at this point, Frisco Woodline is going through a major company expansion called Project Sherman! Some may ask, why now? Why would you go through an expansion during a time when the economy is on the verge of a recession and labor is at its hardest to find and maintain? What we say to that is there is no time like the present for growth and new opportunities!

We always love a good challenge here at Frisco Woodline and when the idea came up regarding our ability to get involved with a new and, up until this point, unexplored niche for our company; we did not want to wait! Not only that, but the timing couldn’t be better for us. We have been very successful the past couple of years, through supply chain issues and all. We were able to adapt to our new reality and maintain success throughout the storm. To learn more about the above-mentioned supply chain issues, and how we were able to remain successful during uncertain times, make sure you check out our other blog titled “COVID-19, Lumber, and Economics 101 – The Love Triangle No One Saw Coming”. 


Other factors, however, do play a huge role in the decision to expand as well as following through on the actions to do so. Some of those factors include:

  • Re-assessing Vendors and customers
    • Is there anyone that we are already supplying to that would benefit from our expansion?
  • Conduct market research
    • Is there a market for our product?
    • Is this niche/market already saturated?
    • If there are already some heavy hitters in the area, what are we doing to be different from them and stand out?
    • Is there a high demand for what we will provide?
  • Make informed hiring decisions
    • Who do we need to bring on to make this a reality? 
    • Who do we need to bring on to ensure we are fully prepared when we are up and operational?
    • How do we attract new talent 
    • How do we maintain our talent
  • Once this is all set and done, what benefits come of the expansion? 
    • Do the benefits outweigh the potential risks?


As you all also probably know, we are in the middle of releasing monthly updates for Project Sherman so that each month you all learn more and more about what we have going on and what our expansion actually entails! Because of this, we can’t answer all of these questions, otherwise, it would ruin the surprise! What we can do though is summarize some of the bigger, more general questions for you. 


All in all, our expansion is going to allow us to service our existing customers to a fuller capability than we are able to do right now. This expansion will also open up the door and create multiple new opportunities for us to work with new companies that we have not had the pleasure of doing business with yet. We will be able to provide the same amazing customer service that you all know and love, while also being able to produce bulk quantities. As for the questions regarding attracting and maintaining talent to ensure our expansion runs smoothly and efficiently, we have some answers for that too! Coincidentally we actually have an entire blog dedicated to answering those exact questions! You can find that on the blog page of our website, the blog’s title being “Creating And Maintaining A Healthy Work Environment”. For the final question, is the benefit of an expansion worth the risk? The short answer is yes! The ways that not only our company will benefit from this expansion, but our existing and future customers will benefit from this as well, makes it worth overcoming any potential bumps in the road that we may see in the future.

As always, if you have any questions for us please feel free to send over an email at info@friscowoodline.com or give us a call at 301-249-5100! We look forward to further developing our relationship with you and having the opportunity to grow alongside our customers.