Carbon Smart Wood

Chemical Free.
A natural, chemical-free process using only heat and steam to remove moisture from wood cells. This makes it lightweight

Decay Resistant.
The risk of fungal attack is greatly reduced because thermally modified wood no longer contains sufficient nutrients.

Enhanced Appearance.
Darker through-color tones. that will vary with cook temperatures and species. When left untreated, will patina gray.

Increased Stability.
Thermally modified wood is less susceptible to cupping and warping with changes in relative humidity and easier to install.

Carbon Smart Wood

Easy to install and easy on the Earth.

Carbon Smart Wood™ is named for its powerful climate impact – salvaging wood otherwise headed to landfill, burning, and mulch piles. Carbon Smart Wood™ is never harvested or cut down for the sole purpose of providing wood. Instead, it gives new life to wood that would have otherwise been wasted.



Introducing a range of thermally modified Carbon Smart Wood™ decking, siding and fencing options, thoughtfully crafted from locally sourced fallen trees. Through a chemical-free 3-phase kiln process, these four different species undergo a compositional change on a cellular level, making them suitable for exterior applications. Performance-driven and visually appealing, this is your sustainable choice for enhancing outdoor spaces.

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